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A message from the President of Kinder Harbors Animal Sanctuary…

Good Day and Welcome to the Debut of the All New Kinder Harbors Animal Sanctuary website.  We’re happy you came to visit.  Within you will find a site totally devoted to animal compassion and the welfare of all animals.  Kinder Harbors never veers from its mission – and that is helping every animal attain the happiest, healthiest and fullest life possible.  We hope you are ready to join us in this journey of sensitivity and recognition.  As you may have noticed, the world is changing in some of the most dramatic ways imaginable.  Only 35 years ago, the state of animal rescue and welfare was an afterthought or no thought at all –just a little wisp of a notion.  I know because that’s when my animal journey began – in January of 1979.  That’s the year I also became a vegetarian and vegetarianism was also a foreign concept.  But today, enlightenment is dawning as we’ve never seen it dawn before.  Across the world, in sweeping acknowledgements, cultures that have been previously oblivious to animal suffering and quality of life are awakening and caring.  Wow, what a concept, caring.  It’s exhilarating to see the earth’s cultures changing.  It’s also exhilarating to see the animals benefiting and to witness the alleviation of suffering.  I can’t think of one country on the planet that doesn’t have an animal betterment program, mission or direction.  Some areas have more work to do than others but they have begun.  In the United States, in the last 35 years, every town, city, county and state is keenly aware that animal suffering, abuse and mistreatment is never acceptable.  Our country has been a shining example of how huge a cause can become.  We’ve gone from a handful of animal organizations back in 1979 to thousands of animal welfare organizations today.  Check out KHAS’s Other Rescue Orgs page and you’ll see what I mean.  I could talk about the excitement and the incredible growth all day long, but I suspect you get my drift.  In closing, let me say, I hope and wish for you, the same internal peace, tranquility and fulfillment that I’ve attained as a caring animal person.  For caring sensitivity and compassion will always be the preferred state of existence you should provide your soul with.  It’s the journey into realms you can’t even imagine until you experience them.  And now, I sincerely hope our new website and mission will encourage and inspire you to begin this journey.

David Howard
Founder and President
Kinder Harbors Animal Sanctuary

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