Kinder Harbors Animal Sanctuary, in its ongoing and continuing effort to provide optimum welfare and protection to all animals, maintains a database of all individuals who adopt or foster animals through KHAS, who volunteer for a Volunteer Day or special event or at the Kinder Harbors’ sanctuary site (in development) or at one of KHAS’ satellite locations, who request the free E-NewsLetter, and/or access the article and recipe archive. KHAS believes that to maintain a safe and secure animal sanctuary and to attain a large, supportive network of concerned and caring individuals, such a policy is both reasonable and necessary.

By filling out the following profile, you are willingly releasing personal information to be entered into the Kinder Harbors Animal Sanctuary database. Please be aware that Kinder Harbors Animal Sanctuary will protect your personal information with the highest regard for your confidentiality and will only release information which you have authorized us to release. Your individual profile will provide KHAS with the information needed to help us help you fulfill your wishes, needs and requests.
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_____ I would like to volunteer my administrative/office skills to KHAS.

_____ I would like to volunteer my assistance in caring for the animals.

_____ I would like to volunteer carpentry, design or labor skills to KHAS.

_____ I would like to volunteer my veterinary/wildlife/rehabilitation to KHAS

_____ I would like to be a foster for a ____canine ____ feline____donkey ____other (please list)________________________

_____ I would like to adopt a ____ canine ____ feline ____ donkey ________other (please list)________________________________

_____ I would like to volunteer for a future special event fund-raiser.

_____ I would like to receive the Free E-Newsletter (only name and address required)

_____ I would like to view animals available for adoption.

_____ I would like to list my animal as available for adoption and I understand that the process will be regulated and monitored by KHAS.

_____ I would like to donate a tangible (consumables accepted) item to KHAS

_____ I would like to make a monetary donation to KHAS.

_____ Other __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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